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Cultivating Health Equity: Insights from a New England Medical Director —

Health equity has emerged as a critical topic in healthcare and New Hampshire society at large, as health gaps persist. Achieving health equity means ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, have the same opportunities to reach their highest level of health and well-being. To dive deeper into this topic, we had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Marie Ramas, a regional medical director for a national physician-led accountable care organization that supports about 130,000 patients from New Jersey to Maine, and who has a passion for public health and health equity.

Environmental Equity in New Hampshire: Advocating for Justice and Change —

In recent years, the urgent call for environmental justice has gained momentum as a pivotal movement advocating for fairness and inclusivity in the face of the disproportionately harsh impacts of global climate change on historically marginalized communities. As the repercussions of climate change continue to manifest, it becomes increasingly evident that the current path will only exacerbate existing inequalities, unless transformative action is taken.

Reach for the Top: Serving Children and Families Through Positive Growth

When it comes to pediatric therapy, Reach for the Top Therapy Services, the only therapy clinic in the Dover, NH, area offering trauma-informed and neurodiverse-affirming therapies led by six women with lived disability experience, stands out. After a leadership change nearly two years ago and restructuring one year ago last June, the changes have made a significant and positive impact.

All Children Are All Our Children: Advancing Equity in Education in NH —

Nearly one year since the faces behind the New Hampshire Center for Justice and Equity (the Center) got together to bring this idea to life - something that Board Chair Dwight Davis called ‘getting in good trouble’ - the organization hosted its first Annual Meeting. On the afternoon of May 24th, 2023, board members, guest speakers, staff, sponsors, donors, and the community gathered in the Derryfield Country Club to discuss ‘Opportunities for Advancing Equity in Education’ in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire’s Housing Crisis Is A Human Rights Issue — New Hampshire Center for Justice & Equity

Access to an affordable home is a social & economic justice issue Something as basic as a home shouldn't be hard to access. Elissa Margolin, Director of Housing Action NH, tells NHCJE what’s being done to fix the housing crisis. As home prices continue to soar and the availability of affordable housing dwindles, many individuals and families are struggling to find a place to call home in the Granite State.

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